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    • Leading from the Inside, Out
      In our ongoing quest for how to best live now, what are we seeing as most vital to cultivating our own best leadership for this transformative and pivotal time? An example: I'm having to increase my awareness of where I put my attention and energy, as the political disruptions can be so magnetizing and engaging, and I know I need to give as much energy to imagining and co-creating the civilization I want as I do to resisting the bad stuff going on... what's true for you?
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    • Wild Women Rising
      Seeking badass women who are in leadership roles to uncover the secret to the high-power feminine in business! There is something different in the way we lead, and I am on a path to name it. This group is for anyone who finds this topic to be critical as the tides change in business, politics, and global sustainability.
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    • 2 years, 7 months ago

      Lisa Schenk