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    shira levine

    I’m think a lot about duality, and the honoring of the concept of “both/and” vs. “either/or. So, here is my both and question: personally, I try to live consciously around the very real & honest notion of “stay in your lane.” However, as a media maker— a journalist, documentary writer & producer, and yes, a scrappy screenwriter, my empathy and compassion has always lent itself to finding subjects and creating characters with backgrounds different than my white one, namely women and men of color. I am struggling in 2018 with my human, ally responsibility to honor those stories and voices to be told by the people they belong to as well as my creative responsibility to my self and the importance of  sharing important stories,  I would love for the panelists AND all of you to comment on how to keep creative integrity and be a good fellow human in this.

    Also, regarding Black Panther. I loved the film but there was a “yes and” to this. I felt conflicted that the “bad guy” was the guy who demanded the sharing of resources with all of humanity. His mission was a good inclusive intention and yet he was the bad guy. Sigh.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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