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Christi Daniels




Christi Daniels


Personal Power Coach


Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA


Social Change through Personal Development for Women

Social Impact sectors I'm interested in:

Personal Development: Creating a world that embraces a balance of masculine and feminine intelligence, values, and leadership by assisting world-changing women in reclaiming the feminine elements within themselves first.

What I can offer

– Hosting local events through our Meet-up and at our eventual physical space.
– Group and individual coaching both online and in person.
– Empowerment workshops that center on clearing resistance and blocks to the resources that world-changers need: money, self-care, and personal power.
– Reclaiming Feminine Power workshops and experiences to assist women in cultivating and sustaining a personal practice for syncing with natural cycles, inhabiting their body’s power center (hara), and in learning self-care tools to support the clearing process of patriarchal conditioning when it arises and to calm the nervous system in relation to triggers that arise in stepping out toward their vision.