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Nina Simons




Nina Simons


Social entrepreneur, author, speaker, culture doctor and conference producer, and creator of transformative spaces for inspiring engaged leadership from the inside, out.


Santa Fe, NM


Social Transformation, nexus of Nature, Social and Gender Justice and Engaged Spirituality, conference curation, business and arts.

Social Impact sectors I'm interested in:

Women’s Leadership, Regenerative and ReInventing Leadership, Engaged Activism and Leading from the Feminine, Co-creating Beloved Community and a culture of mutuality, equity and inclusion, Indigenous Worldview, Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Entrepreneurship, addressing the nexus of Climate Justice, true social Equity and Healing, and the power of story to change the world.

What I can offer

A wealth of life experience (and humility) based upon co-founding Bioneers 29 years ago, co-creating social benefit companies before then, 20 years of gathering women to grow power, shed self-limiting beliefs, appreciate how women and some men are reinventing leadership, and living through the shadow side of women’s leadership, the legacy of gender-based (and often internalized and unconscious) violence, and finding ways to keep learning and contributing while living on purpose with joy and celebration, through love.